ADOPTION PENDING: Bentley, 7 Year Old Male, Dallas Area, Texas

Name of Whippet, Location: ADOPTION PENDING: Bentley, 7 Year Old Male, Dallas Area, Texas
Location Category: Texas
Name of foster volunteer: Kristen Dailey
Email:     Phone: 940-367-6558
Address: McKinney, TX


Bentley is pretty darn near perfect! He is so snuggly and sweet and kind. He loves to cuddle under the covers and follow you from room to room, he loves to be your constant companion. He walks so gently on the leash, he never pulls at all. He likes the outdoors, but is content to go outside to do his business and come back in quickly to snuggle, he is fully house trained-no accidents! Bentley loves his kennel and willingly goes in when you ask, he even hangs out in there sometimes on his own. He can be left free in the house with a few precautions-he loves to play with toilet paper. He is not destructive at all though and loves to play with his stuffed toys.

If Bentley has any negatives, it would be his tendency to get car sick. Withholding meals prior to travel helps, but he may always have a tendency to get a little car sick. He will on occasion counter surf if there is something irresistible…he does like to eat! I can’t say I blame him though!

Bentley would do well as an only pet or with a calm other pet, he does not like drama. He is friendly to other pets and is a lover not a fighter, but he is much more interested in people than animals. He would do best with older children or just visiting children, he is just a little nervous around the chaos of the little ones. He is very sweet with children, just prefers more predictable adults.

Bentley is neutered, just had his teeth cleaned, is up to date on his vaccinations and is heart worm negative. He is ready to go to his forever family and is such a sweet companion!

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