Whippet or Not?

Whippet - Not A Whippet
Whippet                                            Not A Whippet

So many times we look through shelters and rescue organizations for the keyword “Whippet” only to find the dog is not a Whippet! It may be skinny or it may have ears that tip on the ends like a Whippet’s but to the knowledgeable, it’s obviously some other breed of dog.

Frequently misidentified as Whippets are American Staffordshire Terrier mixes or “pit bull” mixes with natural, uncropped ears. Am Staff or mix natural ears This is another example of a “pit bull” type dog with natural ears, giving the head and expression some similarity to that of purebred Whippets. Pitt mix natrual ears
This is a Great Dane mix — probably thought to be a Whippet mix because of the brindle coat and tipped ears. Dane Mix This is a Jack Russell mix. Very cute, but not a Whippet. jrtmix
This is a border collie mixed with another breed. It’s listed as a Whippet mix probably because of the ears, coat color, and markings. Border Collie Mix This is an Italian Greyhound mix. It’s listed as a Whippet mix but is too fine boned to be a Whippet. IG Mix