Volunteer Application

If You’d Like to Volunteer

WHIPPET RESCUE AND PLACEMENT, INC (WRAP) is an incorporated group of individuals volunteering their time, money, love and efforts to rescue Whippets who have been abandoned, surrendered to animal shelters/humane societies, or surrendered to WRAP by their owners.

Volunteering a little bit of your time helps a homeless Whippet in countless ways, from transporting a dog to an appropriate foster or permanent home to actually being a good foster home.

Please email admin@whippet-rescue.org and request a Volunteer Application. Please include your state of residence.  You’ll be emailed a preview of volunteer duties and responsibilities. A securely fenced yard is a requirement for foster volunteers. If you agree to the terms in the duties and responsibilities preview, you’ll be emailed a link to the WRAP volunteer application agreement. After reviewing the information you provide, the WRAP Regional Advisor for your state may contact you regarding your time availability and the volunteer activities in which you have expressed an interest.  The Regional Advisor makes decisions on volunteer approval.