Adopted: Kirby, 12 yr old male, Central or Southern CA

Name of Whippet, Location: Adopted: Kirby, 12 yr old male, Central or Southern CA
Location Category: Now Adopted
Name of foster volunteer: Craig Morley
Email:     Phone:
Address: Bakersfield, CA

Kirby is a delightful senior whippet who could not be a more perfect gentleman! He is a champion whippet who is crate, house and doggy-door trained, does stairs (although a single floor home would be ideal), gets along with other dogs and cats, walks well on a lead, and loves to take daytime naps in typical whippet fashion. He is affectionate and gets excited when you come in, but he doesn’t want to be on your lap or sleep in your bed. He prefers to have 1-2 dog beds of his own and goes back and forth, as well as a nice soft blanketed couch occasionally during the day. Kirby is in good physical and medical condition other than a heart murmur for which he has been receiving treatment for the past 2 years. He receives medication twice daily which controls the murmur. This must be continued for the rest of his life. His most recent visit with the cardiologist resulted in excellent prognosis. Kirby’s ideal family will have a companion dog(s), not be leaving him alone for extended periods of time (Kirby was rarely left alone in his prior home) and a lifelong commitment to his needs. In turn they will receive an abundance of love, affection and happiness. If you think you might be a good fit for Kirby, please submit an adoption application.

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